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mai 25, 2011

Brazil – Eyewitness Travel Guides

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Brazil – Eyewitness Travel Guides

Brazil, with 150 million people in an area roughly the size of the USA, is more a continent than a country. Few countries have greater variety to offer the traveller: the metropolis of Sao Paulo, a South American New York, Rio, the rolling « pampas » of the south, the rivers and forests of Amazonia and the tropical coastline and harsh interior of the northeast. This guide is more than just a list of what to see and where to stay, it also sets into contemporary context this array of physical, historical, cultural and popular diversity. From river travel on the Amazon, to how to get the most out of « Carnaval », from colonial churches to Brazilian music, this guide informs, advises and celebrates Brazil.



2007 by Oliver Marshall, Dilwyn Jenkins

Pdf 96 Mb de 448 pages.

Chez Filesonic >> http://www.filesonic.com/file/1056696851/0756628202.rar

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